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ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Polished Concrete System

Diamatic and industry leaders have developed a fusion of polished concrete technologies to create ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Polished Concrete System, a superior, performance-driven concrete floor that is resilient, easy to maintain and very durable for outstanding longevity. Our finshes have been tested and proven to be safe and sustainable.

ULTRAFLOR® Specifications

ULTRAFLOR® is the only comprehensive polished concrete system with a detailed written process specification for all aspects of a polished concrete installation supported by a full line of high-performance products and equipment backed by a complete system warranty. This first and one-of-a-kind polished concrete system incorporates proper substrate preparation, high-performance concrete toppings, concrete treatments, finishing treatments and all aspects of the mechanical process. The result is the ultimate polished concrete floor with outstanding environmental benefits that extends the life of a concrete floor well beyond other polishing processes.


The ULTRAFLOR® System is the only complete system avaialble in the marketplace today and enables us to provide the only true complete system warranty to the owner. Our system warranty is provided through our Elite installation network and is avaialbe in 5 or 10 year periods based on the type of project and the owners requirements. All warranty projects must be installed through DMS, Diamatic Management Services. Click on the DMS link to learn more.

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